Our In-Store rate is $65/hour, and our Onsite Rate is $90/hour billed in 1/2 hour increments. We also offer a “Head of the Line” Express Service for an additional $40 flat, this means we will look at your computer immediately.

We strive to have the best turn-around times possible, most service jobs are complete by the next business day, some even same day depending on circumstance. It never hurts to call ahead and ask how busy we are.

We prefer to work on flat rates, meaning we will do our best to inform you of a price before we start, and consult you before further work is needed. No Surprises!!!!

Typical Service times are as follows:
Format and Reinstall Windows 2 Hours
Virus Detect & Clean 1-2 Hours
Spyware Detect & Clean 1-2 Hours 1-2 Hours
Install New Hardware (Ram, Video Card, Hard Drive, Optical Drvie, ect) 0.5 Hours
Hour Transfer Data from Old PC to New PC (Depends on amount of data) 1+ Hours
Install New Operating System 1.5 Hours
Upgrade Operating System 2 Hours
PC Overhaul – motherboard, memory, cpu, case 2 Hours
Backup Data to CD/DVD, USB Drive (Depends on amount of data) 1+ Hours
PC Overhaul – motherboard, memory, cpu, case 2 Hours
In-Store Minimum Charge $40

PS If your bringing a Laptop in please bring the power adapter with it.